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Stacey Lauren

Do The Thing, Don't Wait For Opportunity, Create it In this podcast, we dive into the proven formula for doing anything, anytime, and speak to experts who have successfully applied the pieces of the formula in their own lives. From identifying your goals to breaking them down into actionable steps, from networking and building relationships to persisting through challenges, we explore the strategies and tactics that can help you create opportunities and achieve your dreams. Whether you're starting a business, wanting a new relationship, or simply looking to improve your personal life, each episode will inspire you to take action and create the opportunities so you can live a life that you love. . Join us as we discuss how to Do The Thing and how you can apply it to your own life. Instagram @dothethingformula Youtube @dothethingformula Join our Do The Thing Singles Community on FB where we do personal growth challenges- Join our Do The Thing Challenge Community on FB Email Stacey at