MON, JULY 4, 2022 • S1 E40 • 1 HR 9 MIN 14 SEC

Izzy Grandic and Hailey Sani: Here's Why These Young Female Entrepreneurs Believe The Most Challenging Conversations Are Often The Most Enlightening

Opening up in a group setting isn't always easy. Toss in a taboo idea, and many people shut down entirely. How can women start having much-needed conversations about difficult subjects? Today I got to pick the brains of Isabella Grandic and Hailey Sani, co-creators of Boob Blurb, to find out the answer. Periods, sex, and pubic hair are something all females have in common, yet many can't talk about these topics without turning beet red. Izzy and Hailey decided it was time to become vulnerable and bring these conversations to the dinner table. Discover how two high-achieving women became business partners, launched a card game to foster tough conversations, and why you should play. In this episode, Izzy and Hailey reveal how these points of the Do The Thing formula affect the human connection: Surrounding yourself with like-minded people Welcoming other perspectives Vulnerability Educating yourself Journaling Taking ownership Stepping out of your comfort zone Here's how you can stay in touch with Boob Blurb and its creators: Visit to get your hands on this innovative card game. You can also follow @boobblurb on all social platforms. Learn more about Izzy at, or follow @izzygrandic on all major platforms. Check out Hailey's videos at, and give @haileysani a follow on all social media platforms.



Do The Thing


MON, JULY 4, 2022


1 HR 9 MIN 14 SEC