SAT, MARCH 18, 2023 • S1 E134 • 50 MIN 52 SEC

Branden Coluccio: A journey from hyper-growth to solitary confinement reveals how Brandon remains grateful during difficult experiences.

The fear of failure keeps many people from doing the thing. Instead, they try to avoid challenges instead of facing them head-on.

Today, I chatted with Branden Coluccio—Managing Director at Relentless Ventures—to uncover how a series of unexpected circumstances took him on an unimaginable journey. Growing up, Branden always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He set his eye on private equity and enjoyed many successes. But when the government came knocking on his door, Branden had to learn how to find the positive in a horrible situation.

Here's how Branden transformed 10 1/2 months behind bars into an enlightening experience.

Intrigued by Branden's journey and want to learn more? Visit or email him at And be sure to listen to his podcast, Convictions.



Do The Thing


SAT, MARCH 18, 2023


50 MIN 52 SEC