FRI, OCTOBER 21, 2022 • S1 E79 • 38 MIN 59 SEC

Jim Sheils: Discover Why Quality Time With Those In Your Life Is More Vital Than Quantity Of Time, According To This Entrepreneur

Time is finite. But quality time is infinite. What's keeping you from being more patient, connected, and present with those in your life?

Today, I sat down with Jim Sheils—Co-Founder of 18 Summers and Founder of JAX Wealth Investments—to learn why he emphasizes quality time over quantity of time. After falling in love with his wife and her two sons, Jim found himself with an instant family. But would he be able to mesh their worlds to form a tightly-knit family unit?

Here's how Jim wrote a book about family connections, stumbled into investment real estate, and why he schedules quality together without any hidden agendas.

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FRI, OCTOBER 21, 2022


38 MIN 59 SEC