MON, APRIL 25, 2022 • S1 E3 • 46 MIN 48 SEC

Adam Webber: Stop Being So Critical Of Yourself And Give Yourself Permission To Be A Beginner

Fear is a crippling mindset and keeps some of the most innovative entrepreneurs from ever making it to launch day. What can you do when fear grabs you by the wrists? I chatted with Adam Webber, the genius behind CallCast, and discovered how a podcast about fear helped him uncover his personal trepidations. He designed a ground-breaking product. But would a deep-rooted fear of judgment keep him from actually doing the thing? Here's how a self-imposed, extreme 365-day podcast challenge gave him permission to get out of his own way and just do the thing. In this episode, we talk about these points of the Do The Thing formula: Having a big "Why" Keeping it simple Accountability and community Asking for help Adopting a beginner mindset



Do The Thing


MON, APRIL 25, 2022


46 MIN 48 SEC