FRI, MARCH 24, 2023 • S1 E138 • 41 MIN 28 SEC

Stu Weintraub: Why This Shamanic Energy Healer Wants To Create A Bridge Between Heart And Head To Heal From Divorce

Innocent children often find themselves caught in the crossfire when parents divorce. But what if the adults found a balance to resolve their conflicts outside the boxing ring?

In a thought-provoking discussion with Stu Weintraub—Founder and CEO of the Center for Child-Safe Divorce and Shamanic Energy Healer—we learn the importance of navigating the emotional effects of divorce. Various hardships have shaped Stu into the shamanic energy healer he is today. He says we must reconnect with nature to restore balance in our lives. But will his past experiences help Stu become a bridge between heart and head to help others heal?

Here's why Stu believes in mediation over litigation when protecting children from the trauma of divorce.

Learn about Stu's nonprofit at, or visit for info about his healing retreats and workshops.



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FRI, MARCH 24, 2023


41 MIN 28 SEC