THU, MAY 12, 2022 • S1 E15 • 30 MIN 29 SEC

Chrissy McDannell: This Serial Entrepreneur Uses Her Fearless Mindset To Do The Thing In Everything She Does

Fear, anxiety, and nervousness make your heart race, knees knock, and palms sweat. And guess what? So does excitement. What if you channeled your fears into excitement to go after what you really want in life? I sat down with Christine McDannell, the Founder and Principal at The Magnolia Firm and dear friend of mine, to explore how a fearless attitude and innate entrepreneurial mindset paved her journey from garage circuses to boutique brokerage. Trusting in hard work and blissful ignorance, she discovered the secret behind a successful exit—and now helps others do the same. Whether she's jumping headfirst into the tech industry, riding a motorcycle, skydiving, or selling a business in 77 days, here's how inherited confidence drove Christine to do the thing on her own terms.



Do The Thing


THU, MAY 12, 2022


30 MIN 29 SEC