TUE, MARCH 21, 2023 • S1 E135 • 29 MIN 19 SEC

Matthew McClure : Thinking Outside The Box, This Financial Consultant Overcame Fear On Stage As A Stand-Up Comedian

The fear of being judged keeps too many people from doing the thing. But what if you put yourself on exhibit to discover the power of self-motivation and resilience?

I had a great conversation with Matt to learn how doing something unknown and somewhat scary helped him overcome fear. As a financial consultant, he lived a predictable, comfortable life. But after years of setting aside his ambitions to build a financial consulting business, Matt was craving something new. He wanted to overcome fear and step out of his comfort zone. Would stand-up comedy be the right outlet for him?

Here's what pushed Matt to sign up for improv and comedy classes and what he learned from his first stand-up comedy show.



Do The Thing


TUE, MARCH 21, 2023


29 MIN 19 SEC