WED, MAY 18, 2022 • S1 E17 • 42 MIN 38 SEC

Ross Epstein: A Burning Desire To Experience The Changes After The Cold War Pushed This Entrepreneur To Pack His Bags And Do The Thing Alone

Traveling the world alone can feel intimidating. It’s also rewarding. What if you packed your bags, set aside your fears, and did it anyway? I had the chance to speak with Ross Epstein, Partner at InteLink Law Group, about his worldly adventures. Although he practices law today, he's always been a traveler first and a lawyer second. A high school Latin club trip to Italy sparked his interest, a stay in Israel springboarded his love, and the sudden end of the Cold War fueled his desire to travel. But how would he get involved with the global changes while still earning a living and raising a family? Here's how Ross left law, moved to Prague after the Cold War, started a telecom business, and found his way back to IP and transactional law—without ever sacrificing his need to see the world.



Do The Thing


WED, MAY 18, 2022


42 MIN 38 SEC