WED, AUGUST 31, 2022 • S1 E61 • 53 MIN 6 SEC

Sun Yong: From Orphanage To Success Story, This 6-Figure Entrepreneur Changed Her Perspective And Embraced An Attitude Of Gratitude To Do The Thing

Everyone faces circumstances that leave them feeling helpless and defeated. You may even believe you won't ever reach your goals. But what if you changed your perspective and started asking, "Why not me?" I had the opportunity to speak with Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini about how she maintains an attitude of gratitude even through the most trying situations. Growing up in an orphanage isn't ideal; some even compare it to what POWs experience. Parentless and unable to walk, Sun Yong dreamed of being adopted and making it to America. And she never gave up hope. Here's how this "Little Nurse" overcame her fears and embraced every opportunity—one step at a time. In this episode, Sun Yong explores how these pieces of the Do The Thing formula guide her journey: Educating yourself Mindset Overcoming fear Risk assessment Changing your perspective Inspired by Sun Yong's story? Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to stay in touch. Pick up a copy of Opposite/Opposites: How to Stay Together When You Are So Different on Amazon. And stay tuned for the release of her second book, Invest in Yourself: Throw Away All Your Excuses to Turn Your Life Around. Recent article about Sun Yong



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WED, AUGUST 31, 2022


53 MIN 6 SEC