SAT, JULY 16, 2022 • S1 E48 • 54 MIN 37 SEC

Scott Glenn: Discover How Completing A 75-Day Challenge And Accountability From Friends Helped This Father And Successful Executive Rediscover Himself

Lots of people push aside their dreams out of fear. Doing the thing never guarantees success. There's a chance you could fail miserably. But what if you took the risk and actually made it? I had the pleasure of chatting with Scott Glenn about his untraditional childhood, three amazing sons, and determined mindset. Growing up without a lot left a lasting impact. It forced him to develop a determined, no-excuses attitude that paved the road to a successful life. But this soon-to-be empty-nester decided it was time to reevaluate normalcy, step outside his comfort zone, and embark on a life-changing challenge. Here's how a grueling 75-day challenge helped Scott lose weight, sleep better, give up alcohol, build habits, and create a new normal. In this episode, Scott reveals his strategy for the Do The Thing formula: Accountability Taking ownership



Do The Thing


SAT, JULY 16, 2022


54 MIN 37 SEC