TUE, JANUARY 31, 2023 • S1 E108 • 44 MIN 11 SEC

Leah Boomsma: This Busy Lawyer And Mom Of Four Turned Messy Baby Food Into An Incredibly Successful And Mother-Approved Brand

Successful entrepreneurs identify a problem and develop a solution. But what if no one had a solution that works for you?

I sat down with Leah Boomsma—founder of Flipping Holder—to answer this question. A messy, mid-air incident with a baby food pouch left this mom of four feeling frustrated. Instead of waiting for someone else to solve her problem, she designed something that worked for her family. But could this busy full-time lawyer and mom turn her 3D-printed prototype into a sustainable business?

Here's how Leah solved a problem, took the next easiest step, and launched a brand without any attachment to the outcome.

Order the Flipping Holder and learn more about Leah's inspiring story at flippingholder.com.



Do The Thing


TUE, JANUARY 31, 2023


44 MIN 11 SEC