THU, JULY 7, 2022 • S1 E43 • 39 MIN 13 SEC

Wendy Salin: This Master Of Many Things Trusts Her Intuition And Embraces Change As She Does The Thing

People often worry about maintaining their status quo. It's sometimes more frightening than the unknown of the future. But what if you decided to embrace change instead? I got personal with my good friend Wendy Sallin, a muscle activation techniques practitioner and talented artist, to learn how she embraces new experiences and says yes to all opportunities. After working as an academic advisor and running a nonprofit for many years, she discovered that healing people and creating are her true passions. Here's how Wendy did the thing, found her way to the health and fitness realm, and accidentally became an artist during the global pandemic. In this episode, we break down these points of the Do The Thing formula: Accepting change Trusting your intuition Identifying the why Don't think; just do Having faith Want to keep in touch with Wendy? Learn more Mana Bodywork at You can also view her art on Instagram @wendysallinart.



Do The Thing


THU, JULY 7, 2022


39 MIN 13 SEC