SUN, AUGUST 21, 2022 • S1 E58 • 46 MIN 31 SEC

Randi Flaherty and Joella Autorino: These Synergetic Entrepreneurs Want You To Change The Lens, Try On Different Identities, And Outline A New Game Plan

The old cliché is true: You are your own worst enemy. This mindset can paralyze you from taking action to do the thing. What if you decided to empower yourself and rewrite your narrative instead? I chatted with Randi Flaherty and Joella Autorino, the owners of Businesses on Purpose, to learn why they call themselves efficiency architects. Born with entrepreneurial blood, this duo recognized that every company faces the same challenges. But some owners shy away from taking control and paving a path forward, losing sight of themselves and their businesses. Learn how these like-minded entrepreneurs mentor other founders on overcoming imposter-CEO syndrome, pressing pause, and automating systems. In this episode, Randi and Joella explain why these points of the Do The Thing formula are crucial to your overall success: Connecting with like-minded people Controlling your attitude Trusting your intuition Mindset Creating a path forward Automating systems and processes Accountability Overcoming fear Ready to take your business to the next level? Book a discovery session with these inspiring mentors by visiting



Do The Thing


SUN, AUGUST 21, 2022


46 MIN 31 SEC