FRI, JULY 15, 2022 • S1 E47 • 39 MIN 29 SEC

Ron Alford: From Door-To-Door Direct Sales To Senior Partner, This High-Achiever Scaled To The Top Of The Corporate Ladder And Coaches Others To Do The Same

Doing the thing involves controlling and influencing the things you can while accepting those you cannot. Imagine what's possible if you embark on your journey with the right mood, attitude, commitment, and effort. Today I got personal with Ron Alford, Senior Partner for Southwestern Consulting, about how he turned a summer internship into a lifelong career of helping others. As a military kid, he quickly learned how to adapt, adjust, and accept criticism from others. Little did he know how much these life lessons would impact his adult life. Here's how a door-to-door college internship shaped Ron's professional career and taught him how to do the thing. In this episode, Ron breaks down these essential points of the Do The Thing formula: Dealing with rejection Accountability Getting out of your own self Letting go of your ego Understanding the numbers Asking for help Want more inspiration with Ron? Check out to elevate your business and achieve your goals



Do The Thing


FRI, JULY 15, 2022


39 MIN 29 SEC