SAT, JULY 2, 2022 • S1 E38 • 39 MIN 27 SEC

Adam Webber: No Stranger To Podcasts, Discover Why This Podcast Expert Challenges You To Leave The House, Reflect, Start Conversations, And Record New Episodes For 7 Days

You are your own worst critic. But sometimes, the noise in your head keeps you from stepping out of your environment and doing the thing. Imagine what could develop if you let go of your inhibitions and embarked on a new journey. Today I chatted with Adam Webber, the creator of CallCast and frequent contributor to this podcast. In a recent panel interview for the Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge, he challenged listeners with a Dare to record 7-10 podcasts of their own. Fear paralyzes people from just leaving their house and striking up a conversation. Completing this goal will help build the muscle needed to change that mindset and go after what really interests you. Here's why Adam believes in the power of setting goals, holding yourself accountable, and how to begin your own podcast challenge. In this episode, Adam discusses how these points of the Do The Thing formula help you take the first step: Overcoming fear Accountability Setting goals Asking questions Staying curious Reflecting Making it fun Ready to start the challenge? Learn how Adam makes recording, editing, publishing, and promoting easy at CallCast.



Do The Thing


SAT, JULY 2, 2022


39 MIN 27 SEC