WED, APRIL 5, 2023 • S1 E143 • 37 MIN 56 SEC

Adam Webber: I'M GAME! The Callcast Founder Put Me In The Hot Seat To Dissect The Do The Thing Formula To Help With A Podcasting Program For The Boys and Girls Club

Join us on the Do The Thing Start a Podcast challenge

The more you move, the more you grow. And you don't have to take giant steps. Inching along is always better than nothing.

We flipped the tables today and had Adam Webber of CallCast interview me! When I first started Do The Thing, I had a few ideas in mind. But as the Do The Thing Formula revealed itself, so did my true passion—this podcast. Now, I want to encourage you to get curious, take a few steps forward, and start your own podcast.

Listen as Adam helps me dissect the Do The Thing Formula and why everyone can benefit from starting a podcast.

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Do The Thing


WED, APRIL 5, 2023


37 MIN 56 SEC