SAT, JUNE 18, 2022 • S1 E34 • 43 MIN 35 SEC

Craig Garcia: It All Began Door-To-Door: Craig Started A Mortgage Company, Survived The Market Collapse, And Committed To Riding His Bike 70 Miles

Rejection never feels good, but every high-performer experiences it at some point. Learning how to move past emotional discomfort is essential. What if you retrained yourself to focus on hitting the numbers and meeting small goals instead? I got personal with my friend, Craig Garcia, to learn how lessons from a college job still shape his professional career today. Although he didn't have an innate inclination toward sales, a job selling books door-to-door made him figure it out. Little did he know how much this summer job would play a vital role in running a business and even riding a bike. Here's how Craig went from selling books to opening a mortgage company and why he still does the thing in every aspect of his life. In this episode, we dissect these points of the Do The Thing formula: Focusing on the numbers Dealing with rejection Accountability Controlling your attitude Staying curious Educating yourself Surrounding yourself with like-minded people



Do The Thing


SAT, JUNE 18, 2022


43 MIN 35 SEC