SUN, AUGUST 28, 2022 • S1 E60 • 36 MIN 56 SEC

Matt Johnson: It Took A Traumatic Brain Injury For This NLP Coach To Discover The Right Path In Life

The conscious mind is extraordinary. But your subconscious mind is thousands of times more powerful. It's also the one that gets neglected the most. What if you changed your perspective to tap into the subconscious? Today, I sat down with Matt Johnson—Certified NLP Coach, to discuss how pigheaded determination helped him overcome the impossible. A traumatic brain injury left him with lingering symptoms, burning questions, and a profound diagnosis: PTSD. Determined to get his life on the right path, Matt explored other ways to regulate his nervous system. Here's how a life-changing accident helped Matt do the thing, discover his true purpose, and coach others on how to overcome their own mental garbage. In this episode, we explore how these points of the Do The Thing formula guide Matt in everything he does: Educating yourself Doing the next best thing Setting small goals Getting rid of your inner critic Identifying your why Changing your perspective Want to take control of your mind and get rid of all the debris blocking your subconscious? Visit to learn the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Matt also offers free trainings every Wednesday for members of his Facebook Group: NLP Mind Hackers.



Do The Thing


SUN, AUGUST 28, 2022


36 MIN 56 SEC