FRI, DECEMBER 23, 2022 • S1 E95 • 49 MIN 14 SEC

Jill Hellman: This Is What It Takes To Enroll And Inspire Humans, According To This Global Growth Strategist

Public speaking is a muscle that everyone should build. It drives innovation. But it also strikes fear in many. Imagine what you would accomplish if you had the right metrics to convey and deliver your message.  

After exploring the Do The Thing Public Speaking Challenge, I decided to seek advice from the best public speaker I know, my cousin Jill Hellman—a global growth strategist, innovator, and international speaker. And although she's been on stage in over 20 countries, today was her first podcast interview!

Initially, we sat down to discuss her public speaking tips and tricks. But our conversation pivoted in the second half when we dived into behavior change, experiences, innovation networks and ecosystems, and going from concept to creation.

While studying abroad, Jill accidentally uncovered how being “front-of-room” can open doors in life.. She now uses her expertise to help high-level leaders and companies across many sectors implement their strategic initiatives. Through experience studios, innovation, and mind maps, she teaches top performers how to try on different lenses to identify and adopt a perspective mindset within their own ecosystems. Driven to do great things, Jill guides top performers from concept to creation and has an uncanny ability to enroll and inspire all humans on a path forward, 

Here's why Jill believes the real magic happens when you put people together who don't typically go together.

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Do The Thing


FRI, DECEMBER 23, 2022


49 MIN 14 SEC