THU, JANUARY 26, 2023 • S1 E105 • 1 HR 11 MIN 8 SEC

Andres Gamboa: From Door-To-Door Salesperson To Podcaster To Author To Stand-Up Comedian, This High-Achiever Never Takes Himself Too Seriously

Action is the hardest part of doing the thing. But you never move forward without taking that first step. What if you embraced quiet confidence and permitted yourself to fail?

I sat down with Andrés Gamboa of Pony Tales Podcast to unveil what a college job at Southwestern taught him about overcoming rejection and taking risks. Born in Colombia, he and his parents immigrated to Nebraska under threat of murder. The cards were stacked against young Andrés, but a door-to-door sales job at Southwestern changed his perspective. Would the lessons he learned guide him through other avenues of his life?

Here's how a college job selling books gave Andrés the confidence and courage to Do The Thing in everything.

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Do The Thing


THU, JANUARY 26, 2023


1 HR 11 MIN 8 SEC