SUN, MARCH 12, 2023 • S1 E130 • 49 MIN 40 SEC

Sallie Conner: Meal Planning On A Budget Helped This Child Development Specialist Find A Connection Between Nutrition And Kids' Feelings

Food is more than empty calories. It feeds us mind, body, and soul. But do healthy, nutritious foods also play a role in child development?

I got personal with Sallie Conner—Child Development Specialist—to learn the answer. Raising four kids on a single income was challenging. Sallie got creative and found ways to stretch money with meal planning and budgeting. And she soon discovered that others around her didn't know how to manage their time and money. It became her mission to change that. Would teaching children how to make healthy meals on a budget give them the tools necessary to live a productive, well-rounded life?

Here's how Sallie turned her meal-planning skills into an outlet for teaching kids how to process their feelings and emotions in a healthy way.

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SUN, MARCH 12, 2023


49 MIN 40 SEC