WED, DECEMBER 21, 2022 • S1 E94 • 6 MIN 38 SEC

Reflections with Stacey: Whether Good, Bad, Or Somewhere In The Middle, You Are In Control Of Creating Your Own Experiences

We walk through life, leaving behind seemingly insignificant marks on those we encounter. But what if the experiences you created made a lasting, life-changing impression?

In this episode of Reflections with Stacey, I take a few minutes out of my day to explain how we can never truly know how our actions and words impact the world around us. We cross paths with so many different people each day. A simple conversation, new experience, or positive gesture can significantly affect a passerby—and you may never realize it.

Here's why I believe everyone creates their own experiences and why you should change what you don't enjoy.

In this episode, I reflect on how these points of the Do The Thing formula create ripples that impact myself and others:

Creating your own experience




Do The Thing


WED, DECEMBER 21, 2022


6 MIN 38 SEC