THU, OCTOBER 6, 2022 • S1 E76 • 44 MIN 41 SEC

Therese DuBravac: Tired Of Being Stuck In A Hamster Wheel Of Chronic Stress, This Former Architecture Decided To Leap, Knowing The Net Would Follow

We make choices that impact our lives every day. But we often overlook the side paths along our adventure. What if you turned off the familiar road and followed the breadcrumbs instead?

Today I chatted with Therese about how she landed a dream job many years ago and why she just decided to leave it. Passionate about architecture, she studied to make it her career. But after a few decades, she realized her highly-demanding job no longer served her. After building up the courage, she finally decided to jump off the diving board and resigned without a plan. Would this be the right decision?

Here's how Therese did the thing to quit her job of 21 years, rediscovering herself in the process.

In this episode, Therese explores how these points of the Do The Thing formula gave her the courage to take the path less traveled:

Identifying your why

Educating yourself

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people



Risk assessment



Do The Thing


THU, OCTOBER 6, 2022


44 MIN 41 SEC