FRI, APRIL 21, 2023 • S1 E154 • 30 MIN 44 SEC

Monica Brante: This Career Strategist Explains How You Can Do The Thing To Unlock Your Potential And Find Your Dream Job

Too many people dread going to work each day. They are unfulfilled but too afraid to pivot. Imagine how much your life would change for the better if you landed your dream job.

I sat down with Monica Brante—career strategist, job search coach, and author—to discover how to find and get your ideal job. Monica has met countless people who don't like their jobs, which takes a toll on their lives. Rather than sit back and watch them suffer, she developed a system for helping job seekers unlock their full potential.

Here's how Monica helps others build a strong personal brand and leverage their knowledge, network, habits, and reputation to find their dream jobs.

Are you an unfulfilled employee or jobseeker? Visit to learn about Monica's upcoming courses. Her book, Keycard: How to Open Doors and Get the Job You Want, is available on Amazon.



Do The Thing


FRI, APRIL 21, 2023


30 MIN 44 SEC