MON, MARCH 6, 2023 • S1 E127 • 53 MIN 40 SEC

Coach Hines: Discover Why This Coach Wants You To Share With Full Transparency, Empower Those Around You, And Enjoy The Process As You Do The Thing

People often look too far into the future and become overwhelmed. Many give up before even trying. But what if you only strived to get 1% better today?

It was a pleasure to speak with Coach Kurt Hines—football coach, 4th-grade teacher, and muralist—to learn how he does the thing. This amazing coach wants to empower everyone he meets. But his life wasn't always picture-perfect. Now, he aims to uplift those around him, including my own daughter.

Here's why Coach Hines believes in transparency, building relationships, and the power of why as you set out to do the thing.

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Do The Thing


MON, MARCH 6, 2023


53 MIN 40 SEC