MON, JULY 25, 2022 • S1 E51 • 49 MIN 55 SEC

Kayla Jimenez: From Working Two Jobs During College To Art Classes In Florence To Biotech To Real Estate Investor, This Go-Getter Did The Thing Several Times Before Becoming A Successful Ip Lawyer—Eventually Buying The Firm

Many people jump into a job thinking they will love it forever. And all too often, they end up working with unpleasant people or just discover it wasn't their true life's calling. But what if the most unexpected twists and turns could transform into the top things that make you smile? I had an insightful and always entertaining conversation with Kayla Jimenez, Partner at US IP Attorneys, P.C., to learn her take on this question. After growing up in a small town of only 220 residents, she packed her bags and moved to San Diego for university—never looking back. From taking art classes in Italy to working in Biotech, always taking the untraditional path helped Kayla find her true calling in practicing law. But would the cranky, rude stereotype many lawyers possess cloud her dream? Here's how this high-achiever hacked her way into her dream job, worked with amazing free-thinkers, and eventually bought the law firm. In this episode, we reveal how Kayla utilizes these essential points of the Do The Thing formula: Surrounding yourself with like-minded people Thinking outside the box and being resourceful Risk assessment Studying under mentors Making it fun Overcoming fear Building a solid work ethic Do you need an untraditional IP attorney or just want to learn more about Kayla? Visit her firm's website.



Do The Thing


MON, JULY 25, 2022


49 MIN 55 SEC