SAT, JUNE 25, 2022 • S1 E36 • 1 HR 32 MIN 52 SEC

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places? This Dream Team Lays Out The Blueprints For The Do The Thing Dating Challenge

Getting back into the dating scene can feel overwhelming. But putting
yourself out there is the only way to find the right person. Imagine
what could happen if you finally took the risk, didn't worry about
rejection, and challenged yourself to do the thing.

Dating is a huge part of doing the thing—and it's something many of my
listeners want to navigate better. I asked my ideal dating panel to
divulge their tips for finding your "happily ever after." Previous Do
The Thing guests—Adam, Dr. Nancy, Genesis, Kate, and Ted—used their
past experiences, professional expertise, and wisdom to design a
never-before-seen dating challenge.

Here's what happens when you put an entrepreneur, holistic life coach,
erotic blueprint coach, somatic therapist, and health researcher in
the same Zoom room to chat about dating.

In this episode, my dream team reveals how these points of the Do The
Thing formula will guide you through the dating scene:

Approach from a place of abundance

Making it fun

Take responsibility

Giving yourself permission

Overcoming fear

Taking time for pleasure

Staying curious

Risk assessment

If you are interested in joining a future challenge, send an email to

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Kate Middleton Somatic Therapist and Authentic Relating Facilitator
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Dr. Nancy De Andrade. Holistic Life Coach

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Genasis. Erotic Blueprint Coach
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Adam Webber. Founder of CallCast
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Ted (Theo) Lucier Founder of the Vitamin C Flush



Do The Thing


SAT, JUNE 25, 2022


1 HR 32 MIN 52 SEC