WED, JULY 13, 2022 • S1 E46 • 15 MIN 22 SEC

Hartley Alford: An Obtainable Goal, Positive Mindset, Accountability, And Motivational Support System Drove This 10-Year-Old To Do The Thing For 60 Days

Challenges push us outside our comfort zone, but many people don't see them through because of the fear of failure. What if you had a motivational support system cheering you along every step of the way? I had the pleasure of chatting with Hartley Alford about finishing a 60-day no-sugar challenge. From learning how to read tricky labels to fighting temptation, she explains her methods for reaching the finish line. Although still a child, she's wise beyond her years and already knows what it takes to do the thing. Here's how this high-achieving 10-year-old started a challenge, followed it for 60 days, and why she already has another big, five-mile goal to reach. In this episode, Hartley explains how she used these points of the Do The Thing formula to reach her goal: Building a support system Setting a goal Creating visuals Accountability Identifying the why



Do The Thing


WED, JULY 13, 2022


15 MIN 22 SEC