TUE, MAY 10, 2022 • S1 E13 • 1 HR 20 MIN 4 SEC

Dr. Amelia Case Personifies The Seven Beast Brains, Possible Triggers, And The Restep Required For Taming Each Beast

The brain is perhaps the most complex organ of the human body. It controls your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. But what if something triggers an inner beast, and your brain starts working against you? I had the immense pleasure of speaking with Dr. Amelia Case, Health & Behavior Expert, about how being out of touch with the mind exacerbates all problems. Although a successful clinician herself, dissatisfaction with her own mental health treatment led Amelia to start a coaching business to help others. Making the brain accessible was a priority. She personifies it with seven beastly characters: dog, monkey, lion, wolf, eagle, rabbit, and cat. Each animal represents the innate need for survival, takes over when it sees a threat, and will stop you from doing the thing. Learn how Amelia identifies each beast brain and the restep needed to tame it. Then take this quiz to learn which beast brain is getting in your way. https://www.donewithanxiety.com/DoTheThing



Do The Thing


TUE, MAY 10, 2022


1 HR 20 MIN 4 SEC