THU, AUGUST 11, 2022 • S1 E54 • 47 MIN 36 SEC

Carlos Cervantes: This Talent Acquisition Specialist Believes In Finding The Right Puzzle Pieces, Putting Yourself First, And Trusting Your Gut As You Do The Thing

High-achievers are goal-oriented, ambitious, and have an innate urge to accomplish anything and everything. But they often forget about themselves. What if you put your mental well-being first? Today, I got personal with Carlos Cervantes, about why his daughter's birth inspired him to disconnect, focus on family, and pursue new opportunities. Always one to help others, solve problems, and push forward, he learned that doing the thing doesn't always happen as planned. Here's how leaving his job of 16 years and a tuition reimbursement benefit led Carlos down the Do The Thing rabbit hole. In this episode, Carlos specifies how he follows these points of the Do The Thing formula: Educating yourself Risk assessment Paying it forward



Do The Thing


THU, AUGUST 11, 2022


47 MIN 36 SEC