SUN, FEBRUARY 26, 2023 • S1 E121 • 49 MIN 14 SEC

Shannon Leiderman: Learn Why Beyonce, Serena Williams, Victoria Beckham, And Hugh Jackman Are On This Management Consultant's Inner Hype Squad

Wanting to fix those you love is only human nature. But you can't save someone from drowning if your own raft is filling with water. What if you took the time to prioritize yourself?

Today, I sat down with Shannon Leiderman to learn the answer. As a management consultant, she's used to helping companies define their purpose, mission, vision, and values. But along the way, she lost sight of her own personal values. Would seeing her sister struggle with alcoholism be the catalyst Shannon needed to refocus her energy on herself?

Here's how a family trauma drove Shannon to build her confidence, rediscover her personal values, and join Toastmasters.

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SUN, FEBRUARY 26, 2023


49 MIN 14 SEC