MON, MAY 22, 2023 • S1 E166 • 50 MIN 41 SEC

Lauren Mauldwin: Leveraging Uncomfortable Situations To Boost Personal Growth And Confidence

Society often pressures people to conform to pre-determined expectations. But what if you made a new path and chased your dreams?

In a deep conversation with Lauren Mauldwin, we discuss challenging the status quo to create your own version of ambition. After years of feeling trapped by society's expectations, Lauren had an epiphany: rather than trying to fit into a pre-determined path, she could take control of her life journey. This decision would lead to a life-altering twist, teaching her the power of embracing failure and vulnerability. Would she also be able to help others toward achieving their goals?

Here's why Lauren stopped following the status quo to choose her own path.

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Do The Thing


MON, MAY 22, 2023


50 MIN 41 SEC