THU, AUGUST 18, 2022 • S1 E57 • 40 MIN 51 SEC

Crystal Wiecken: Volunteering. Taking Pictures With Strangers. Giving Out Your Number. Discover How These Spontaneous Dating Dares Launched Crystal Out Of Her Comfort Zone

What if you left the dating apps, dropped any expectations, and dared yourself to meet people face-to-face? Today, I sat down with Crystal, who recently completed the 17-day Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge. After getting divorced a year ago and moving away from everyone she knew, her dating life was on a slow path to nowhere. And a couple of failed dating app matches were enough to remove herself from those platforms. Would our challenge help her build the muscle needed to let her guard down and be open to new possibilities? Here's why Crystal embraced the Do The Thing Dating Dare Challenge, what she learned along the way, and how she thinks we can make the next one and even better experience. In this episode, we discuss how these points of the Do The Thing formula helped Crystal complete each task: Connecting with like-minded people Stepping out of your comfort zone Mindset Developing the muscle



Do The Thing


THU, AUGUST 18, 2022


40 MIN 51 SEC