FRI, APRIL 14, 2023 • S1 E150 • 40 MIN 14 SEC

Evan Van Auken: From Firefighting To Entrepreneurship, This Is How He Did The Thing

Entrepreneurs solve problems. But too many solutions never come to fruition because of hesitation and fear. What if you followed that spark and just did the thing?

I got personal with Evan Van Auken—CEO and Founder of Scorch Marker. He's also the Owner of Vanader, where he teaches business and e-commerce setup. Following a family tradition, Evan became a firefighter. He was good at his job and had no intention of leaving after 10 years. However, after ruining a wood-burned comparative plaque with a red-hot soldering iron, Evan devised an easier, fool-proof wood-burning method. But would his lack of artistic skills hold him back?

Here's why Evan left firefighting to launch an innovative wood-burning business in the crafting industry.

Visit to try Evan's wood-burning tool for yourself. 

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Do The Thing


FRI, APRIL 14, 2023


40 MIN 14 SEC