MON, APRIL 17, 2023 • S1 E151 • 52 MIN 34 SEC

Book Club Kick-Off: What's Your Attachment Style? Natalie Hopes This Book Will Help You Find Yourself

Inside our Do The Thing Singles community, we did a Kick off meeting for a book club that Natalie Hager stepped up to run on the book Attached. This has been edited to keep personal info private.

Everyone has different attachment styles. And they can make or break a relationship. But how can you discover your attachment style as you set out to do the thing?

Welcome to the Do The Thing Book Club kick-off! Listen in as Natalie Hager, Dr. Nancy DeAndrade and I discuss the importance of knowing your attachment style. After getting divorced, Natalie packed up and started her life over. But she was still holding onto mental baggage from that marriage. Reading Attached helped her identify her attachment style and take control of her life and future relationships.

Here's why Natalie stepped up to create a Do The Thing Book Club to share Attached with the community.



Do The Thing


MON, APRIL 17, 2023


52 MIN 34 SEC