WED, OCTOBER 12, 2022 • S1 E77 • 43 MIN 58 SEC

Denni Barrett: From High-Tech Business Owner To Winemaker To Hot Air Balloon Pilot, This Go-Getter Proves You Can Do The Thing At Any Age

You only get this life; make it a purposeful one. What if you set aside all your fears and excuses to finally go after your dream?

It was an extreme honor to chat with Denni Barrett, owner of Magical Adventure Balloon Rides, about his unlikely path. A popular movie inspired him to chase his dream of becoming an aviator. Little did he know his passion for flying would eventually land him a basket 33,000 feet in the air.

Here's how Denni bought and sold a 10-acre vineyard, turned a love for aviation into his life's purpose, and why he enrolled in graduate school at the age of 60.

In this episode, Denni explains how he follows these pieces of the Do The Thing formula:

Identifying your why

Setting goals


Educating yourself

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Do The Thing


WED, OCTOBER 12, 2022


43 MIN 58 SEC