TUE, DECEMBER 13, 2022 • S1 E93 • 1 HR 12 MIN 18 SEC

Niimah Ashong: From Outcast To Authentic, This High Achiever Developed His Edge Framework For Creating A World Of Difference

Being authentic is the most important thing anyone can do. But many of us travel through life as a chameleon. Imagine the possibilities if you removed the mask and trusted in yourself.

I had an extraordinary conversation with Niiamah Ashong to learn how he navigated a world where he felt like an outsider. Growing up, he never identified as entirely African or entirely American. And instead of embracing his true self, he pushed it away. It took a series of eye-opening circumstances to embrace the other part of him. Will he be able to create a world of difference to help others live their authentic lives?

Here's how Niiamah reclaimed his identity and why he wants you to explore, dare, grow, and evolve.

Want to make a world of difference? Visit niiamah.com/wod to get involved.

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TUE, DECEMBER 13, 2022


1 HR 12 MIN 18 SEC