WED, JUNE 15, 2022 • S1 E32 • 37 MIN 50 SEC

Maggie Unzueta: The Desire To Preserve Her Family's Recipes Led This Cook, Writer, Videographer, And Photographer To Create Authentic Mexican Meals For The Home Cook

Everyone has a passion in life, but being afraid keeps many from pursuing it further. However, the rewards of following your dreams are far greater than anything fear can produce. What if you trusted yourself, recognized the potential, and just did the thing instead? I chatted with Maggie Unzueta of Mama Maggie's Kitchen to learn the powerful story behind her popular cooking blog. After her grandmother passed away, she felt an urgency to preserve family recipes. Little did she know the impact these recipes would have on Mexican women and within her community. Here's how Maggie found inspiration, started a cooking blog, and why she's now dabbling in crypto. In this episode, we explore these points of the Do The Thing formula: Educating yourself Surrounding yourself with like-minded people Identifying your why Contribution Trusting yourself Drooling for some authentic Mexican cuisine? Visit Mama Maggie's Kitchen to indulge in all of her favorite recipes or order a copy of her popular cookbook, Mexicocina.



Do The Thing


WED, JUNE 15, 2022


37 MIN 50 SEC