SUN, JANUARY 29, 2023 • S1 E106 • 53 MIN 13 SEC

Valerie Woodfill: Discover How Both Al-Anon And A Weight Loss Boot Camp Follow The Do The Thing Formula

Life is full of unexpected obstacles. But you must walk through the fire to get to the other side. What if you surrendered to a power greater than yourself?

Today, I sat down with Valerie to learn the answer. Alcoholism doesn't only harm the user—it also affects close friends and family. After watching the disease take a toll on her ex-husband, Valerie decided to join Al-Anon. Would this 12-step program help her find shelter in the storm? And would the principles also guide her during a weight loss boot camp?

Here's how Al-Anon changed Valerie's mindset and how she followed I'M GAME to lose 20 pounds.

In this episode, Valerie deep dives into how all the pieces of the Do The Thing are pertinent to anything you want to do in life.
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Do The Thing


SUN, JANUARY 29, 2023


53 MIN 13 SEC