WED, MAY 10, 2023 • S1 E161 • 49 MIN 27 SEC

Toastmasters Dare: These Fellow Toastmasters Reveal How Public Speaking Pushed Them Out Of Their Comfort Zones And Opened The Doors To New Opportunities

Are you tired of being told to "just practice" to improve your public speaking and podcasting confidence, only to see zero results? Public speaking is the number one phobia worldwide. What if you put yourself out there, conquered your fear, and attended a Toastmasters meeting?

After experiencing the benefits of Toastmasters firsthand, I knew it was time to dare the Do The Thing community to attend a meeting. Today, I invited three Toastmasters onto the show: Gregory, Shannon, and Francine. We explore how to overcome fear and master impromptu speaking to achieve personal growth in a positive environment. Will you be ready for the next table topic?

Here's how the Do The Thing Toastmasters Dare will hone your public speaking skills, push you to do hard things, and connect you with an amazing community.

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Shannon Keating: Visit, follow @shannonkeating on Instagram, and listen to the Unmasked & Open Hearted podcast.

Gregory Russell Benedikt: Learn more about Gregory's coaching at, and remember to check out the Dare To Dream Podcast.

Francine Turtz: Reach out at



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WED, MAY 10, 2023


49 MIN 27 SEC