MON, JUNE 27, 2022 • S1 E37 • 19 MIN 46 SEC

John Lee Dumas: From Starting A Podcast To Building A Media Empire, Discover This Famous Entrepreneur's Secret Recipe For Success

Plenty of people do the thing and start a business. But not all of them reach the same level of notoriety. What traits do the most successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common? I sat down with John Lee Dumas, the founder and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, to discover the answer. From being in the military to living in complete paradise, his rise to the top took plenty of conscious determination and hard work. After experiencing his fair share of mistakes and pain, he now mentors others on how to avoid them. Here are the mindsets John believes every entrepreneur needs on their way up and why you have to flex these muscles daily as you do the thing. In this episode, John thoroughly explains these key points of the Do The Thing formula: Accountability Productivity Discipline Focus Want to explore John's 17-step roadmap to success? Order your own copy of his book at



Do The Thing


MON, JUNE 27, 2022


19 MIN 46 SEC