TUE, JULY 12, 2022 • S1 E45 • 54 MIN 16 SEC

Diana Patton: Inclusion, Diversity, And Equity Start From Within, And This High-Achiever Wants To Give You The Tools To Advocate For Yourself

Trauma affects all people, but not everyone takes the time to heal from these life-changing events. They just go into survival mode. What if you advocated for yourself and got into a level of peak-state flow instead? Today, I sat down with Diana Patton, Civil Rights Lawyer and founder of Rise Advocates, to learn how she went from merely surviving to fully thriving after trauma. A father's betrayal and a devastating loss forced her to become her own advocate at an early age. She spoke up for herself, never accepted the status quo, and fought for equity, diversion, and inclusion. Discover how Diana did the thing to become an advocate, heal her trauma, and why she wants to help other women leaders reach their fullest potential. In this episode, Diana analyzes these points of the Do The Thing formula: Identifying the why Personal development Knowing you need help Changing your environment Controlling your attitude Putting yourself first Reading to rewire your mind Visit www.riseadvocates.com to learn more about Rise Advocates Academy, an 8-week program to become a Certified Rise Advocate.



Do The Thing


TUE, JULY 12, 2022


54 MIN 16 SEC