THU, APRIL 20, 2023 • S1 E152 • 37 MIN 13 SEC

Carey Rouse: Discover Why This Health And Fitness Entrepreneur Says You Can Achieve Wins Every Day

Many people follow a path that doesn't align with their dreams, scared to pivot because of their age. But are you ever too old to do the thing?

I turned to Carey Rouse—Founder of Rouse Fit—to learn why he changed paths at the age of 51 after a successful 25-year career. Technology consulting paid the bills, but it wasn't his true passion. An itch to compete and push himself drove Carey to launch a health and fitness company serving serious athletes. But did he start his entrepreneurial journey too late in life, or is age just a number?  

Here's how Carey built a successful business in health and fitness, motivating others to reach their goals.

Are you serious about staying fit and want to try Carey's recovery products? You can learn more about his products at



Do The Thing


THU, APRIL 20, 2023


37 MIN 13 SEC