SAT, AUGUST 13, 2022 • S1 E55 • 52 MIN 2 SEC

Yeniffer Behrens: This Venezuelan Creative Caught The Acting Bug, Started A Production Company, And Now Mentors Young Talent To Do The Thing To Follow Their Hollywood Dreams

Caterpillars aren't born beautiful. They undergo an inner transformation inside a cocoon before emerging as colorful, confident butterflies. What if you transformed your mindset to do the same? I got personal with Yeniffer Behrens—an award-winning actress, filmmaker, and acting coach—to find out she copes with rejection and controls her attitude in a very cutthroat industry. Her love affair with acting began as a young child. And the encouraging words of her high school drama teacher motivated Yeniffer to chase her dreams. Now she's creating a legacy nurturing other young actors. Here's how this mama bear got into acting, founded a production company, and started an educational platform to mentor aspiring actors. In this episode, Yeniffer reveals how these points of the Do The Thing formula help her live in the present moment: Controlling your attitude Mentors Educating yourself Mindset Journaling Overcoming fear of rejection Any aspiring actors out there? Be sure to connect with Yeniffer for a free 30-minute consultation and ask about her #greenlightyourselfnow 4-week program. Email her at or visit to sign up for one of her amazing workshops. Also, check out to learn about the production side of filmmaking. Even if acting isn't your thing, you can still stay in touch by following @trueyen and @shortcut2hollywood on Instagram.



Do The Thing


SAT, AUGUST 13, 2022


52 MIN 2 SEC