SUN, JUNE 12, 2022 • S1 E30 • 1 HR 8 MIN 8 SEC

Izzy Grandic: An Inspirational 18 Year Old Explains How Her Natural Curiosity, Ambition, And A Desire To Include Everyone Drove Her To Start Deep Conversations On Taboo Topics

At any event or gathering, someone inevitably sits alone in the corner. It's so easy to leave people out of the conversation. But what if you found a way to invite everyone to the dinner table instead? Today, I spoke with Izzy Grandic, co-creator of Boob Blurb, to unveil the importance of conversing, inclusion, and exploring taboo subjects. Natural curiosity about people, our bodies, and the power of ownership led her to start a blog and explore various projects. She soon discovered a passion for working on innovation and women's empowerment. Here's how Izzy created a conversation starter to destigmatize taboo subjects surrounding women's health. In this episode, Izzy reveals how she uses these points of the Do The Thing formula: Having a compelling vision Surround yourself with like-minded people Playing the game Following your instinct Ready to join in the conversation? You can learn more about Izzy at and Enter code "Izzysfriend" to get 10% off your Boob Blurb order.



Do The Thing


SUN, JUNE 12, 2022


1 HR 8 MIN 8 SEC