TUE, FEBRUARY 14, 2023 • S1 E115 • 44 MIN 38 SEC

Matthew Cannon: Discover Why This Flow Coach, Writer, And Entrepreneur Says Ability Gaps Are Just Data

Everything you've done so far has led you to where you are right now. What if you stopped worrying about the things you haven't accomplished and focused on the days ahead?

Today, I connected with Matthew Cannon—flow coach, writer, and entrepreneur—to uncover how he transformed his scarcity mindset into one of abundance. From co-founding a successful music tech startup to a failed vitamin company, his collected experiences led to where he is today. Now, he wants to help others realize the fully expressed versions of themselves.

Here's how Matthew learned to trust his intuition and why he's writing a self-discovery guidebook to help others do the same

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TUE, FEBRUARY 14, 2023


44 MIN 38 SEC