FRI, MAY 13, 2022 • S1 E16 • 40 MIN 23 SEC

Jill Addison: By Playing The Game Of Life, This Digital Marketer Turned Real Estate Investor Has A Plan To Live On Her Own Time And Team Up To Donate $1 Billion

When something doesn't go as planned, do you jump ship or wait for a safety net? Entrepreneurs tend to run away from failure, but sometimes it's the best friend you never knew you needed. I had the opportunity to chat with my fellow mastermind member and friend Jill Addison, about her ability to pivot and transfer skills to new experiences when life threw her a curveball. Twelve years ago, she started her first business as a digital marketer, soon discovering it wasn't the right fit. But since life is a daring adventure, she decided to wipe the slate clean and enjoy the ride. Here's Jill's master plan to do the thing, earn $10K a month in passive real estate income, and raise a $1B donation with a little help from her like-minded clients.



Do The Thing


FRI, MAY 13, 2022


40 MIN 23 SEC