FRI, JULY 29, 2022 • S1 E52 • 47 MIN 21 SEC

Woodley White: Discover How $5,000 And An Insatiable Appetite For All Things Food Drove This Female Entrepreneur To Start A Subscription Box For Fellow Foodies

Everyone is passionate about something. But few pursue a career doing what they genuinely love. What if you turned your obsession into a successful business instead? I got personal with Woodley White, the founder of Foodies United, to learn why she shunned corporate America to be in charge of her own life. After winning $5,000 from a challenge, she brainstormed ways to turn the prize into even more money. A food-related subscription box sounded like the best fit for this self-proclaimed foodie. Here's how Woodley did the thing, built a foodie subscription box, and why she had to pivot along the way. In this episode, Woodley discusses how these pieces of the Do The Thing formula guided her as she launched Foodies United: Pivoting Educating yourself Risk assessment Accepting "no" Overcoming fear Knowing your why Asking for help Mindset Want to unwrap a multi-sensory foodie experience? Visit for a one-time box, a recurring subscription, or to order gifts for an upcoming event.



Do The Thing


FRI, JULY 29, 2022


47 MIN 21 SEC