FRI, NOVEMBER 18, 2022 • S1 E86 • 35 MIN 22 SEC

Heather Johnson: From Gymnast To Mom: Discover How This Nurse Lost 20 Pounds In 80 Days And Gained Over 500 Coaching Clients and Is Transforming Lives IN The Process

Perfectionism is an impossible feat. But you should still strive to be the best possible you. What if you learned to put yourself first to overcome adversity?

Today, I chatted with Heather Johnson—Nurse Practitioner and Beachbody Coach—about her impressive body transformation. Gymnastics and athleticism always played a vital role in Heather's life. She always strived for that elusive "Perfect 10." But after leaving the sport, getting married, and having kids, she fell into a dark place. Would an 80-day fitness and nutrition challenge be enough to pull her out?

Here's how Heather transformed her mind and body and became a Beachbody coach in the process.

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FRI, NOVEMBER 18, 2022


35 MIN 22 SEC